Silk Lined Tubular Hair Wraps

Silk Lined Tubular Hair Wraps


    Two sizes available - regular and petite.

    Made in New Zealand.

    Machine wash on a gentle cycle in a delicates bag.

    Our silk lined tubular hair wraps are very special!  They've been made with your hair in mind - they're a no-fuss option for protecting your hair day and night.  

    They're perfect for protecting your hair while you sleep, but also so versatile during the day as a headband, beanie or can be worn around your neck for warmth on a cold day. 

    The beautifully soft outer fabric is made from 95% viscose (which is a natural fiber made from wood) and 5% spandex for stretch.  This makes it easy to slip on and fit comfortably over your hair.  And the inside is filled with luscious 100% silk, which protects your hair from damage and doesn't dry your hair out the way other fabrics can.  Both the inner and outer fabrics are extremely breathable and heat regulating.

    They come in two sizes - regular and petite.  The regular size will fit most adults who consider themselves to have a regular to large sized head.  The hair wrap is very long, so will easily fit long voluminous hair.  If you consider yourself to have a very small head, then the petite size is perfect for you.  The petite size is also great for children, from about the age of 7 years old.  It does fit smaller children, but the fit isn't as tight, so may come off in the night. 


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