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Hi, I'm Sarah.  I've always been fussy about having clean hair, so I'd have washed it every day if I could.  But while I like washing it, I definitely don't enjoy spending time blow drying and straightening it.  

Then I had children.  Suddenly two things changed.  First of all, I had a lot less time for myself and secondly, there was a period of time in the early newborn days where I really didn't care how my hair looked.  I just wanted to keep the baby happy and maybe get some sleep!

But what came out of that was an opportunity.  I discovered the joys of dry shampoo (if you haven't used it before, I urge you to go buy some now!) and through that and the fact I was washing my hair less, my hair actually started to become healthier and lo and behold, I didn't NEED to wash my hair as frequently.  I had read so many articles saying that hair washing strips your natural oils, but I didn't truly believe my hair could be washed less.  Three years in, I only wash my hair twice a week, but sometimes I even push it out further and it's absolutely fine.  For a while it was like my "dirty little secret" that I washed my hair so little.  But now I'm an advocate for it and wish I'd cottoned onto this sooner!  I'd have saved so much time and had some amazing sleep ins!

While I felt like I'd cracked the code on washing less and saving time, my shower cap solution was pitiful.  I found those plastic puffy elasticated caps to be horrible.  They looked awful (who wants to be caught wearing one?), it was really difficult to tuck all the loose strands of hair underneath, hair would always sneak out during my shower and the plastic wasn't breathable so my hair got all sweaty and went flat.  So my go-to solution was to put my hair into a towel turban, keep the shower head low and angled down so the towel couldn't get wet and get in and out as fast as possible.

For as long as I remember, I always thought a shower cap which could be tied around the base of the hairline would be a great way to get all the stragglers in.  It wasn't until years down the track after doing sewing lessons, that I remembered this idea and this time had the skills to design and make this shower cap I'd been wishing for.

I talked to a lot of friends and family to find out if it was just me or if everyone had the same problems.  Unsurprisingly most people disliked shower caps and were just putting their hair into a top knot and drying their hair again after their shower.  

So out of all this personal experience and talking to others, I decided I wanted to have a crack at making a shower cap that would look nice and also be very functional.  After all, we spend so much time in the bathroom, so it should be a pleasurable experience.

I hope you like my Splash Happy Shower Cap - I really do!