Embrace your hair with Splash Happy

Because you deserve to love your Curls

You deserve healthy hair!

It’s frustrating when our curls are tangled and frizzy and we wake up with wonky curls. 

Looking like we’ve been dragged through a hedge backwards isn’t the best start to anyone's day!

Imagine starting the day with healthy, silky, more defined curls with minimal refresh required. Curls that aren’t flat on one side! 

We share your vision of how luscious curls can be. 

Not getting the results you’re looking for from other curl products?

I noticed that using the right curl products, not washing my hair so much and reducing styling damage went some way to help enhance my natural hair. 

But I was sure there was more I could be doing to help my hair. 

I discovered that washing my hair less frequently improved the condition of my hair. I used fewer products and less heat that damaged my hair. 

While I was washing less and saving time, my shower cap solution was pitiful.  

I found plastic elasticated caps to be ill-fitting and not very user-friendly.  

They looked awful (who wants to be caught wearing one?). 

It was really difficult to tuck all the loose strands of hair underneath. My hair would always sneak out during my shower. 

And the plastic wasn't breathable, so my hair got sweaty and went flat. 

Shower caps with style

My go-to solution was to put my hair into a towel turban and keep the shower head low and angled down so the towel wouldn't get wet. And get in and out as fast as possible. 

Not the easiest or most relaxing way to shower!

For as long as I remember, I always thought a shower cap that could be tied around the base of the hairline would be a great way to get all the stragglers in.  

It wasn't until years down the track after doing sewing lessons that I remembered this idea and, this time, had the skills to design and make this shower cap I'd been wishing for.

• Shower caps that fit even the wildest curls

• Breathable, so the humidity doesn’t make you frizz more

• Stylish enough to wear anywhere!

• Designed and made right here in New Zealand

Shower caps are only the beginning

Once I launched my Shower Cap, I had customers tell me they were wearing them to bed to prevent bedhead.  

So it was a natural progression to expand into silk sleep caps, silk-lined tubular hair wraps and silk pillowcases. 

All the things that make healthier, happier curls and easier and quicker hair styling.

Which led me to …

I’m so happy with my vegan sleep cap. I’ve worn it literally every night for the past couple of months, and I’ve really noticed an improvement in my hair. It’s less tangled and brittle, and it’s breaking less.


I absolutely adore my Splash Happy Shower Cap. Wanna know the best part?! It fits over a roller set! If you hate getting your hair wet or want to keep your hair out of your face, then I 100% recommend it.


My hair is far less frizzy! I have been experiencing increased hair fall lately; and so far, I’m losing less hair in the morning. So so so glad I bought this!


The Splash Happy System For Healthy Hair

Increase the days between washes and still have a shower!
Splash Happy Shower caps protect your hair from moisture and humidity, improves hair health and save time in the morning.
Splash Happy T-shirt Turbans are perfect for hair wash and treatment days.
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Protect your curls day or night with silk-lined tubular hair wraps and Splash Happy sleep caps
Reduce hair friction, prevent drying out and preserve the curls! While still looking stylish.
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Wake refreshed and look sleek with the help of a silk pillowcase.
Silk reduces overheating and hair friction and helps your sleep cap stay on all night.
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Embrace your curls!