Splash Happy Shower Cap

Protect your curls and save time in the morning

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One size fits most.

100% polyester fabric.

Highly water resistant and breathable.

Machine washable.

Made in New Zealand.

New Zealand wide - NZD$8 flat rate for both standard and rural.

Australia - AUD$8 flat rate.

USA - USD$10 flat rate.

Canada - CAD$13 flat rate.

UK - GBP$8 flat rate.

Europe - EUR$9 flat rate.

Rest of world - NZD$15.

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“I absolutely recommend these beautiful shower caps. They’re stunning and beautifully made. Finally a shower cap that fits over my crazy curly hair, keeps my hair tucked and dry during a shower and is stylish”

~ Kirsty

Take 30 days with your new Splash Happy Shower Cap and if you aren't completely happy, send it back, for a refund of the purchase price.

Simple, Successful Curl Protection 

Washing your hair each time you shower strips your natural oils and can cause damage.  

So, it makes sense not to wash your curls every time you have a shower. 

You don’t need to put up with sweaty, ugly plastic shower caps that keep your curls dry but don’t help preserve your curls. 

Each shower cap is perfect for curls because it

• breathes instead of keeping moisture in, so your curls definition is protected

• is water resistant, so you don’t need to do contortion to keep your hair out of the water.

• is generously sized for all hair lengths

• can be used over your silk sleep cap

“These shower caps look amazing and keep your hair dry. I use mine in the shower and also when I swim in the sea to stop my wavy hair from going frizzy and fluffy.”


Styling after a shower is faster with Splash Happy’s shower caps. 

Get it in your bathroom now.

Shower Caps That Help You Get On The Go Quicker With Minimal Styling Required

Protecting your curls in the shower means styling your hair afterwards is a breeze.

Splash Happy curl-preserving shower caps are

• Soft and comfortable, so they don’t crush your curls and reduce styling time after your shower

• Adjustable to different sizes, so they fit over sleep caps, rollers or any amount of wild curls

• Highly water-resistant, so they keep your hair dry

• Breathable so moisture won’t build up and ruin your curls

• 100% polyester, so they’re safely machine washable 

• Made in Christchurch, New Zealand, so you know you’re supporting local

The Best Shower Caps For Curly Hair

I absolutely adore my Splash Happy shower cap. Wanna know the best part?! It fits over a roller set. If you hate getting your hair wet or want to keep it outta your face whilst mucky, then I 100% recommend.


Really pleased with my shower cap. It's easy to put on and covers my hair much better than other shower caps I have used before


Great idea, keep your hair dry while looking glamorous!


Just received my new Splash Happy shower cap and it is gorgeous!  A great design and material pattern - I think I will be giving these out as gifts!


I love my new shower cap! Super trendy and I love that it can be washed and used again and again. 


I am loving my new shower cap. It's so easy to put on and looks fab too! 


How Are Splash Happy Shower Caps Different To Other Brands? And Other Shower Cap Questions You Might Have

There are so many reasons, but the standout reason is how it looks.  

This Shower Cap is one we can actually feel great about wearing in public.  It's designed to look like a scarf wrapped around your head, so it looks like a fashion item and doesn't look like a Shower Cap.  The fabric is soft and very comfortable to wear.  You can tie it as loosely or as tightly as you like, and you don't have to muck around tucking loose strands of hair into your cap.  It also doesn't squash the life out of your hair.

All our Shower Caps are made from 100% polyester, machine washable fabric.  All are highly water resistant and breathable.  

As with all other Shower Caps on the market, they can’t be fully submerged in water, as water will creep in around the edges. It’s worth mentioning that this product is not a Swimming Cap – if your head is submerged, water will get into the cap.

Splash Happy Shower Caps are highly water resistant, which means you can splash and dip your head under the shower head, and your hair will stay dry.  

When used in the shower, it is recommended that you angle the shower head down to the base of your neck.  Your Splash Happy Shower Cap will protect your hair from splashes and humidity.  If you run a tap over the Cap, you will notice that the water beads straight off.  But we wouldn’t recommend standing with the Shower Cap under the shower head for an extended amount of time.  It’s likely that nothing will come through, however, it’s important to note these are not completely waterproof.  Waterproof fabrics tend to be very stiff and look a bit more like shower curtain material.  The fabric used for our Shower Caps is very soft and really lovely to wear.

They’re all made in Christchurch, New Zealand.

The Shower Cap has been designed with enough room to fit a lot of hair, so my answer is always yes. We have a handy instructional video that demonstrates how to put the cap on. We have a 30-day satisfaction guarantee, so if the Cap doesn't fit, just let us know. If you still have questions, you're very welcome to contact us by emailing info@splashhappy.co.nz

Absolutely!  You’ll find the care instructions on the tag inside your cap.

We have a 30-day satisfaction promise if your shower cap really doesn’t work for you.  Please check out our returns policy.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Kathy Keohane

This is definitely better than what I was using, but I’d love the ties to be a few cm longer to be able to make a bow. I can only knot it. Otherwise very happy.

Georgia Etheridge

I like my shower caps to not be too loud when water hits them and this does the trick perfectly. I was hesitant since it says it's resistant not waterproof but as long as I get my hair all properly tucked in it's perfectly dry. A bit of a knack to getting all my hair tied in but I'm sure that will get better with practise!

Mary Miller

Perfect for long hair. Dries really quickly

Jenny Lee

I am enjoying my hat. The only misgivings is that I have a small head and soft hair and the top of the cap sits flat - unlike a shower cap that sits up (off the head). But it seems to dry off quickly so won't get smelly from sitting around damp as some more solid caps do.

Rae Boland

Excellent product and great service 👍

Increase the days between washes and still have a shower!

Splash Happy Shower caps protect your hair from moisture and humidity, improves hair health and save time in the morning.

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