Healthy Hair System

Enhance your curls’ potential

Help your curls shine not frizz

One, two, three for gorgeous hair, defined curls and protection against hair loss

1. Shower

2. Wrap

3. Bed

You deserve to embrace your curls

Our hair is our crown. 

What do we do when our curl-crown is a tangled, brittle frizz? 

How can we get that elusive crown of silky, defined curls?

We believe if you’re lucky enough to have curls, you should be able to embrace their beauty. And it shouldn’t take every product on the shelf to do it.

Simple, successful curl protection with minimal styling required

Because amazing curls can last for days


The Splash Happy System for Healthy Hair starts with protecting your curls in the shower. 

You might want to shower every day, but washing your hair each time you shower strips your natural oils and can cause damage. 

Stretching out the time between washes 

• Reduces the occurrence of oily roots and dry ends by protecting the natural balance of oils on your scalp.

• Reduces the risk of split ends (the nemesis of stunning curls).

• Reduces the heat damage from styling your hair because you’re not having to use your hair dryer every day.

So, Step One for the Splash Happy System For Healthy Hair means protecting our curls from the water and taking care of them in the shower. 

Stretch out the time between washes, preserve your curls and save time in the morning with Splash Happy's stylish washable shower cap.

Our shower caps can be used over your wrap or on their own to protect your curls in the shower. 

And they let your hair breathe rather than sweat under layers of plastic. 

• Soft and comfortable

• Adjustable size

• Highly water-resistant

• 100% polyester

• Machine washable 

• Made in New Zealand

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What about on wash days?

When you’ve washed your curls, use a Splash Happy towel turban to dry your hair and minimise frizz. 

Instead of twisting your hair up in a regular towel, try wet or dry plopping or micro plopping with our towel turbans to minimise your frizz.

Tip your wet curls upside down, wrap them in a t-shirt or muslin towel turban and let them help you create silky defined curls. 

Shop our range of t-shirt or muslin towel turbans here


Second in the Splash Happy System For Healthy Curls is protecting our curls during the day or night. 

Silk is our fabric of choice.  Wrapping hair in silk is a great way to prevent curls from going frizzy.

• The naturally smooth surface of the silk threads can help reduce friction on your hair which may cause damage, like split ends.

• Silk is naturally hypoallergenic and has a natural resistance to dust mites and other allergens.

• Silk doesn’t strip the moisture out of your hair the way cotton does. 

Nighttime curl protection

Wear our silk sleep cap or tubular hair wrap at night and get a great night's sleep knowing you’ll wake to curls that need minimal styling in the morning. 

Your curls are protected under our caps and wraps - preventing your curls from becoming dry and messed up. 

These aren’t the ugly sleep caps you might remember. These are sleek enough to wear out and well-fitting enough to not slip off at night. 

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Curl protection during the day

Many of our customers use a Buff™ or other type of tubular hair wrap to protect their curls during the day.

We know how important silk is to protect our curls, so we dreamed of having a silk-lined Buff™. When we couldn’t find one, we made our own silk-lined tubular hair wrap.

3. BED

Splash Happy silk pillowcases are the perfect finisher for your Splash Happy System for Healthy Hair. 

Wriggling and rolling around the bed all night does nothing to help keep our curls defined. 

A Splash Happy Silk Sleep Cap or Splash Happy Silk Lined Tubular Hair Wrap helps keep our curls in place as we slumber.

And then add a silk pillowcase for the perfect combo to give maximum friction reduction that keeps your sleep cap in place and your hair healthy.

Silk pillowcases

Reduce friction

• Prevent moisture loss

• Reduce skin irritation

• Help keep your sleep cap in place all night long

• Are hypoallergenic, meaning they attract fewer allergens and dust mites

No more bedhead or wonky curls! Wake refreshed and looking sleek.  Get a great night's sleep on smooth silk.

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