Tshirt & Muslin Towel Turbans

Tshirt & Muslin Towel Turbans


    Two sizes available - regular and extra large.

    Made in New Zealand.

    Machine washable.

    Our t-shirt and muslin towel turbans are three useful products in one.  Perfect for wrapping your hair after washing it, and great for plopping and micro plopping.  And lastly, you can tie it around your shoulders to protect your clothes while styling.

    The t-shirt fabric version gives you a no-fuss alternative to the tricky t-shirt method.  Both t-shirt and muslin fabrics are known to be better for drying curly hair, as the surface of the fabric is much gentler and doesn't cause frizz the way a regular towel can.

    The t-shirt fabric is cotton with spandex for stretch.  The muslin is 100% cotton.

    They come in two sizes - regular and extra large.  The regular size will fit most adults who have short or medium length hair, as well as children.  The extra large size is best suited for people with very long and/or thick hair.